Dressing changes

Stitch removal

Ear cleaning

Various injections

Electrocardiogram (ECG)


Wart treatment

A comprehensive array of meticulous care provided by compassionate nurses.
Receipts are issued for all our services and treatments, and can be submitted to your insurance.
Ask for a quote by sending us the doctor’s referral (when required) by email at
  • Dressing changes

If you have recently undergone a medical or surgical procedure, have a doctor's prescription for wound care or have a wound that requires special attention and a dressing change, our nurses can help you.

Prerequisite: Have a prescription from a doctor.
Fee: From $29 (depending on the type of wound and dressing)
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  • Stitch removal

If you have had a medical procedure that required stitches, they will need to be removed during your healing process. Once your doctor confirms when the stitches can be removed, our nurses can perform the procedure.

Prerequisite: Have a prescription from a doctor.
Fee: Starting at $29 (the price varies according to the number of stitches to be removed)
  • Ear cleaning

Earwax plugs can cause a decrease in your hearing, pain and the sensation of having blocked ears. We offer ear cleaning, which consists of sending water into the ear canal to dislodge the plug.

Prerequisite: No prescription required.
Fee: $20/1 ear or $39/2 ears
  • Various injections

HekaLab offers you an injection service for anticoagulotherapy, contraception and all other injections under medical prescription. Simply bring with you your injectable medication in its original packaging and our nurses will do the injection.

Prerequisite: Have a prescription from a doctor.
Fee: $39
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test that shows and records the heart's electrical activity by checking its rate, rhythm and muscle efficiency. The ECG is used to detect cardiac disorders and heart disease, to reveal damage to the heart, to check the heart's health before surgery or before or during treatments, etc.

Prerequisite: Have a prescription from a doctor.
Fee: $55
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM)

It is normal for your blood pressure to vary depending on your daily activities and events. ABPM helps determine your blood pressure values at different times of the day, evening and night by using a device you wear for 24 hours that measures your blood pressure at specific intervals.

Prerequisite: Have a prescription from a doctor. HekaLab provides the blood pressure monitoring device.
Fee: $55 Deposit required by credit card.
Please bring 2 AA batteries with you at the appointment. 
  • Wart treatment

Warts can be painful and while they often eventually disappear on their own, this can take months and even years. Also, since warts are contagious, it is important to treat them quickly.

Prerequisite: No prescription required.
Fee: To be determined.